Theme-Thology: Real World Unreal

by David Grigg
by Mike Reeves-McMillan
by Lisa A. Kramer
by Ian Harac
by Micha Fire
by AmyBeth Inverness
by Michelle Mogil
by Amanda Rachelle Warren
by C.M. Stewart
by Jon Frater
by Lore Hera
by A.H. Adkins
by Susan Joslyn
by Charles Barouch
cover by Aaron Wood
cover by Chrys Art
cover by Zhu Zhu
edited by Charles Barouch
edited by Sylvia Goldin

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13 Stories which expose the unreal parts of your supposedly real world. Meet the other Queen of England. Mourn the boy who didn't die. Find out how foreign another country can be. Real World Unreal where the real world takes a hard jog to the left.


Enhancement by David Grigg
Weave by Mike Reeves-McMillan
Levoça by Lisa Kramer
The Gig by Ian Harac
Fiona`s Game by Micha Fire
House on Paladin Court by AmyBeth Inverness
Track Meet by Michelle Mogil
Rewriting the Word by Amanda Rachelle Warren
Candy Marries Rich by CM Stewart
Politics of the Apocalypse by Jon Frater
Queen of Queensway by Lore Hera & A. H. Adkins
Render by Susan Joslyn
House Sampson by Charles Barouch