Good Neighbours & Other Stories

by Mike Reeves-McMillan
cover by Juan Ochoa
edited by Emma Rosloff

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Not every story has to be an adventure. Not every hero has to be young, or noble, or mighty. When you don't have a Chosen One, anyone's story can be important.
In these twelve stories, we meet a little old lady, several government clerks, a smelly shaman ‐ and the religious scholar who befriends him ‐ an oppressed servant, a man whose business is to help his neighbours help each other, and even someone whose only distinction is an unusual name. Every one of them finds a way to be a hero.


Good Neighbours
Appeared in New Realm magazine in December 2013
New Story
Gnome Day
A Gryphon Clerks Story
New Story
New Story
Originally seen in Theme-Thology: New Myths
Not Like Us
Originally seen in Theme-Thology: Invasion
Originally seen in Theme-Thology: Real World Unreal
Originally seen in Theme-Thology: Mad Science
And three more stories.